Woven Abodes
Design Collaboration: House of Hindee X Bharat Floorings & Tiles

An amalgamation of tex + tiles. This collection is In collaboration with House of Hindee, a beautiful tribute to the very essence of handcrafted luxury. Just as flooring forms the sturdy foundation of a home, textiles are the fundamental building blocks of exquisite garments. This innovative partnership was born from the idea of creating a woven home collection, a collection that draws inspiration from the intricate art of pattern weaving found in textiles. 

At BFT, we've harnessed the synergy between our expertise in flooring and House of Hindee's mastery of textiles to craft unique patterns of tiles that infuse the spirit of textile artistry into every home. This collaboration celebrates the harmonious blend of craftsmanship, design, and the foundations that make every space truly exceptional.
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Standard Size 20cmx20cm.


Flooring - 23mm - 25mm

Cladding - 16mm - 18mm


Topping - White cement, pigment, filler

Backing - Grey cement, Stone Grit/ Dust


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Actual pictures of these tiles in use

Tile Visualization 1
Tile Visualization 2
Tile Visualization 3
Tile Visualization 4
Tile Visualization 5
Tile Visualization 6
Tile Visualization 7
Tile Visualization 8


Wet Transverse Strength

Above 3N/ mm2

Abrasion Test

Below 3.5mm

Water Absorption

Below 10%

Standard Size


Thickness for Flooring Tile


Thickness for Wall Cladding


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