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The Twill
It is a design concept that takes its inspiration from the captivating world of woven twill patterns. With a keen eye on the delicate intricacies and bold charisma of twill weaving, this concept encapsulates the fusion of fragility and strength.These tiles echo the timeless elegance and strength inherent in twill patterns, translating them into flooring that tells a story of artistry and endurance. Its versatility allows it to gracefully transcend various design realms, from fashion to interior decor, seamlessly blending subtlety and boldness. With "The Twill" underfoot, your space becomes a canvas where fragility and resilience dance together, creating a floor that is not just functional but a testament to the enduring beauty of design.
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20 cm x 20 cm


Flooring - 23mm - 25mm

Cladding - 16mm - 18mm


Topping - White cement, pigment, filler

Backing - Grey cement, Stone Grit/ Dust


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Wet Transverse Strength

Above 3N/ mm2

Abrasion Test

Below 3.5mm

Water Absorption

Below 10%

Standard Size


Thickness for Flooring Tile


Thickness for Wall Cladding


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