Ecostone™ Terrazzo
Environmental impact, global warming and climate change are now issues of urgent international and national concern. The construction industry has a major effect on the environment, and the buildings in which we live and work are responsible for high levels of resource consumption and CO2 emissions. Eco friendly and environmentally friendly building materials are becoming the norm for all new buildings. These tiles are made from quality recycled marble or glass pieces which are sorted, graded, and then crushed to form the chips that compose the recycled content of the tile. These tiles can emulate the look of natural stone, Terrazzo or artificial stone in an enduring and eco friendly manner.

Ecostone™ green materials have a timeless beauty, yet are environmentally friendly – please fill in our contact form and we will get in touch with you regarding the needs of your project. Our tiles will get you LEED points for recycled content, as well as innovation.

Terrazzo was originally invented by Venetian construction workers as a low cost flooring material using marble chips from upscale jobs. The workers would usually set them in clay to surface the patios around their living quarters. Consisting originally of marble chips, clay, and goat milk (as the sealer), production of Terrazzo became much easier after the 1920s and the introduction of electric industrial grinders and other power equipment.

Modern Terrazzo is not all that different from the original. It’s still most commonly made from small pieces of marble mixed with Portland cement in a ratio of about two to one. However, there are some differences, since modern Terrazzo can also made using materials other than marble chips – granite, onyx, glass, pieces of metal or mother of pearl have all been used to provide a unique appearance.
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