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A range re-created by chairperson Mrs. Dilnavaz Variava from the 1920s BFT Catalogue.

In honor of : Jamshed Nuserwanji Mehta (7-1-1886 to 1-8-1952)

Jamshed inspired the young Pheroze and Rustom Sidhwa to start the Bharat Flooring Tile Company in 1922 as part of the swadeshi movement. Mahatma Gandhi, with whom he worked for some years, had high regard for him.  A saintly man, a great nationalist, theosophist,  philanthropist and administrator, he was  widely respected for transforming Karachi into a modern city as  President of its  Municipal Corporation for over 12 years (1922 to 1933).  His family owned Nuserwanji Tiles and he was a Founder Partner of the Bharat Flooring Tile Company. He died in 1952, but his memory continues to inspire the company. 

Design: Swadeshi. He inspired the birth of Bharat as a Swadeshi Industry

Colours: Saffron and green integrates the preferred colors of the major communities of India. He worked tirelessly to relieve their suffering during the horrors of partition and was revered by all. 

Border : Joining hands, building relationships.
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20 cm x 20 cm


Flooring - 23mm - 25mm

Cladding - 16mm - 18mm


Topping - White cement, pigment, filler

Backing - Grey cement, Stone Grit/ Dust


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